Kathryn Picchiottino, GE Oil & Gas

"Thank you and your team so very much for getting these parts to us in record time”

Ben DeBoer, TMV Control Systems

“I know we deal with extremely small quantities, and your team is still willing to help and support us. Thanks to all of you.”

Debbie Docherty, EGS Electrical Group

“Nimbus always comes through in a crunch. Your helpfulness and dedication is greatly appreciated”

Dan Whelan, CAE

“In less than a week you’ve accomplished what could not be done in a month by the other organization I tried.”

Steven Thompson, 330 Electronics

“Compliments to you and your team. It is a positive sign that you have such a high concern for quality that includes corrective action for even small mistakes.”

Sara Yedla, Solectron/Flextronics

“Thanks for the help. As I keep telling everyone, you are my favourite supplier”

Since 1984. . .

Since 1984 Nimbus Graphics has been working hard to serve customers, building a reputation for service, quality and competitive pricing. With customers just down the street and around the world, you’ll see our products everywhere. You can depend on our depth of experience and dedication to meet your needs. Our amazingly broad range of products means you can count on us for the right solution.


Nimbus Interface Solutions logo

Looking for Membrane Switches, Silicone Keypads, Capacitance Switches, Graphic Overlays, Touch Screen switches or Duraswitch™ products? We've opened a new division — Nimbus Interface Solutions — that is focussed entirely on these products. Visit our new Nimbus Interface Solutions website for details.
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Solving Your Problems

Our expertise in the custom product marking industry is available to you. We pride ourselves in being able to solve even the most difficult problems.
If there is a rough or textured surface to be labelled — we can give you an adhesive that will stick.
If there is a low surface energy plastic surface to be labelled — we can give you an adhesive that will stick.
If you need a high quality metal nameplate to add value to your product — You'll find it here.
If you need a membrane switch — ask for a free copy of the Membrane Switch Designers Guide.
We will only be happy when you are.